Creating a Successful Screening Process For New Hires


You’re Looking to Hire… But it’s No Easy Task!

We know that hiring the right job candidate can be a frustrating task due to all the complexities surrounding it. Hiring someone who will be perfect for your workplace requires careful planning, focus, and the right caliber of judgment. All of these things will require someone to have the right skills and experience of hiring job candidates. Fortunately, businesses like yours can use a successful screening process composed of background checks and other employment verification tactics to ensure you hire someone who fits your style of business.

Your background screening program will need to be designed to fit the specific demands and guidelines that have been set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. You may need to evaluate your current background screening program in order to ensure that you are following the right practices. To save yourself a great deal of money and time, make sure you have a successful screening process in place by following these steps!

How to Create a Successful Screening Process:

1) Make Sure You Get The Specifics

When you create your applications for job applicants, you should require the information to be complete and accurate. We also encourage you to ask specific questions about certain statements, such as how a specific resolution was reached.

2) Obtain Consent

You should make sure you have received authorized consent from the applicants on the application or other forms you may be using. Also, ensure the authorization complies with state requirements and federal requirements.

3) Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Many companies make a big mistake by believing everything they have read or been told. Many applicants knowingly lie on job applications and during an interview. This is why background checks have become such an essential part of the application process!

You should make sure you check every fact that has been given to you by the job candidate. When you use a background screening service, you will be able to reduce the amount of money and time it will take to make a hiring decision.

The Most Important Step – Contact TruDiligence Today!

When you work with TruDiligence to handle background screenings of new hires, you’re taking a big step in the right direction for your business. We believe your experience with TruDiligence will be far superior to other applicant screening providers, as our commitment to true diligence is far more than a business name – it is our mission.

So don’t hesitate! Contact us today to find out how we can help you in the process of hiring new, trustworthy employees.

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