Did They Really Earn All Those Degrees? Protecting Your Company With Education Verification

graduates that can have education verification perormed to ensure they have the degrees they claim to posses

The need for education is critical in today’s world. Unfortunately, some people will falsify their resumes to be hired. Regardless if it’s a technical certification or a Ph.D., before you hire somebody, you must perform education verification for the degree and certifications they claim to have.  before you hire somebody, you must perform education verification and certifications they claim to have. 

Falsifying education records is a real problem, and many large corporations and universities have fallen victim to the fraud. Additionally, in a recent survey, 75% of hiring managers report finding falsifications in candidates resumes.

Falsifying levels of education and degrees is one of the top areas where people lie.

For example:

It’s Hard for Companies to Discover Falsified Records

If a candidate tells you they graduated from a big name university, it is possible for you to contact the school for education verification. However, what if the candidate tells you they received a degree from a small college or a school that no longer exists? How do you verify those? 

Additionally, do you have the time to make all those calls? Or go to multiple verification websites?

While the majority of people are honest and won’t falsify their records, you have a lot on the line if somebody discovers an executive’s falsified past. In fact, your company’s reputation, integrity, and customer satisfaction could be irreversibly damaged. You could be publicly embarrassed at the least. At the worst, business partners or dissatisfied customers could sue you. 

The TruDiligence Solution For Education Verification

TruDiligence offers a comprehensive and easy background and verification check. Indeed, our full-service website integrates with your applicant system, allowing you to order background checks with minimal work. As our system completes each verification check, your staff is notified automatically of the new status, and the information added to the application. 

TruDiligence is:

  • Accredited by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners
  • 100% compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • Owner operated for 26 years with many satisfied customers

Don’t allow your company to fall victim to people trying to dupe you, contact TruDiligence to protect your reputation and assets.

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