Does Education Verification Include GPA or Graduation Details?

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If you’re hiring someone to perform a job that demands comprehensive expertise or sophisticated skills, you may benefit from verifying the person’s educational credentials. Some employers don’t just want to confirm that an individual earned a certain degree; they also desire further details, such as a grade point average and graduation date.


One option is to simply request a copy of the applicant’s university transcript. It provides details about courses, grades and the years when he or she attended college. However, a dishonest candidate may supply an altered or completely false transcript. It isn’t always easy to spot a counterfeit document.

Such behavior is more common than you might imagine. A survey found that 17 out of every 20 hiring professionals have discovered false information on applications, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Four-thousand individuals participated in the survey, so it’s findings are probably reliable.


You can easily confirm numerous details about an applicant’s educational background if you use an education verification service. Among other things, the report will include the date of graduation, GPA, and degree type. This makes it possible to fully verify applicants’ qualifications as well as their honesty.

There are many benefits to be gained from using this service. If an employee genuinely has the appropriate credentials, this will promote greater safety, quality and professionalism in your workplace. It could even prevent lawsuits. Although a person’s graduation date isn’t as important as the degree or GPA, it allows you to ascertain how long ago the individual learned about a subject or occupation.

Learn More About Education Verification

To sum it up, education verification provides an effective, reliable way to uncover the full details of a job applicant’s educational history. If your company would like to benefit from this valuable service, please contact TruDiligence or explore our website to learn more.

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