Don’t Risk Children’s Safety Due to Delayed Background Checks

According to the NACCRRA’s most recent national stats, more than 10 million American children are frequently under the care of someone other than their parents. That same report also indicated that many states do not engage in enough child care facility oversight to ensure the safety of those who make use of such services. That’s a truly chilling revelation, especially when you consider that government run background checks are frequently delayed in some areas for four months or more at a time.

So what are responsible daycare providers and parents supposed to do in the meantime? One alternative option is to consider hiring an independent, seasoned background check company. Take our firm, TruDiligence for example. We have been in the investigative business for years and feature a multitalented executive team.

In addition, our background services run the gamut and are offered ala carte. Because of that, you’ll be able to thin out your list of potential day care workers quickly and affordably. The day care workers that pass the initial background checks could then be investigated further as your center’s hiring process continues. Of course we can also run background checks on your existing day care center’s staff. That way, you can make sure that they haven’t done anything questionable since their initial hire dates.

Examples of employment screening services on offer include, but are not confined to:

  • Social Security number traces and citizenship verification
  • Education and previous child care employment verification
  • Workers’ compensation claims check
  • Residence and drivers’ license history
  • Multi-state criminal history checks
  • Drug screenings and credit checks
  • Sex offender registry checks
  • National warrant checks

Would you like to learn more about how we can help to make sure your day care center is in full compliance with the law? Contact us at 1-800-580-0474 or post a question on Facebook. We are also accessible through LinkedIn and the TruDiligence website.

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