Due Diligence Can Save Your Company

The process of due diligence can and will save your company a lot of time, effort and money. You know that you have to be able to trust every employee with corporate assets, and in order to do that, you have to know where they come from and what their potential criminal past has been. The price for underestimating your employee’s criminal intent can be a mistake that could cost you your entire company.

In almost every retail service, the number one cause of loss is due to in-house theft, which most employees assume they can get away with. Most eyes are turned outward, towards the customers and shoplifters, but when your eyes are out there, your own employees could be stealing right behind your back. The cost of shoplifting can be massive for a company, especially during its start up or in a time of weak growth.

If you have a business or company and have the intention of hiring employees for service oriented, retail or contract sensitive position, contact us. A onetime investment can save not just a few dollars, but your entire company.

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