Due Diligence: Is Critical When It Comes To Hiring and Firing

Hiring and firing are two major parts of any business. Documentation and uniformity, in the application procedure and also in the steps taken when an employee is being terminated are critical. You do not want any employee or possible employee stating that they were not treated equally, that the procedure when it came to their being hired or fired was not the same as that for other employees.

When bringing a new employee into your workplace, the time, and expense is put out to make sure that they meld into the job efficiently. You hope that your judgment was true when you looked over all the details that each individual put forward in their resume. Practicing due diligence when it comes to each individual reviewed is necessary.

There are many applicants trying for jobs. Yes, most are quite qualified for the jobs they are applying for. Unfortunately there are those who are trying to get a job at all costs, including falsifying their background. When you are hiring, you want to make sure that the individuals you are reviewing for a specific job, are indeed qualified to fulfill the job as expected.

Checking out all the details is very time consuming. That is why it is indeed considered diligent to turn to a company that does just that: fact checking backgrounds for companies hiring new employees.

It is also important when trying to find out if something is not as it seems when investigating instances that do not add up in your place of business. Information is being leaked, funds may be missing, there are accusations being tossed about. You have an employee who seemed great and in the beginning all proceeded as it should. After time, things started to happen. Feelings of distrust are being aimed at this individual. Their educational background checked out fine, but now you feel you need to follow up with a more in-depth background check.  Up to thirty percent of small businesses have problems with employee theft or dishonesty. These can be most detrimental to any small business.

“If someone complains that they were fired for an illegal reason, the EEOC presumes that’s valid and they will now ask you to provide your reasons for firing,” Berenson says. “It can be very burdensome and expensive, so the key is good documentation.”

Here is where having an objective third party come in to gather the needed documentation and verification for either hiring or firing. TruDiligence will make sure that all documentation is done thoroughly and promptly. Contact us and we will use due diligence in getting the job done.

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