Due Diligence: Do Not Place The Blame On Someone Else

Creating the employee base of any business operation lies squarely on the shoulders of the management team. They are the ones who have to make the key decisions about who to hire and who to pass over. Those who practice proper due diligence have no worries. However, some try to pass off their problems on a bad labor pool or some other outside concern. It is time to stop doing this and start owning up to the decisions made.

Know Where To Find The Right Employees

Knowing the places to start looking for new employees is critical to attracting the right kind of talent. The exact location of the right employees will vary depending upon the type of employer. Certain companies are likely to find their next crop of workers via online job boards, while others are best sticking to the traditional method of recruiting by just putting a sign out on the building.

Identifying and using information about where to find the right employees is critical. This act alone will generally reduce the number of bad hires that any office experiences.

Listen To What Potential Hires Say

There is a lot of information tossed around during a job interview. Sadly, a lot of employers do not pick up on the cues given. Consider for example the idea of a potential hire who bashes his or her former employer. Tlnt.com provides this candid example of how this might play out: When the candidate is asked about his current or last employer, he provides you with negative feedback in the form of harsh criticisms, such as “my boss was the worst,” or “I hate my current job.”

Someone who would say something like this about a former employer probably has a negative frame of mind. They may not perform well at the job under consideration. These types of candidates should definitely be reviewed extra closely for other potential red flags.

At the end of the day, the hiring decisions made reflect the choices of the employer. You must own them and accept responsibility. Please, Contact us for more tips on how to avoid making mistakes in your hiring and selection processes.

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