Do your due diligence, before problems arise!

You need to hire someone now, the work is piling up! You need to fill that unit today, you can’t afford to have it empty! Sometimes, it is so tempting not to do your due diligence, when it comes to important business decisions. It is seen as important but not urgent. However, in order to thrive, due diligence must be considered urgent!

Fixing a problem is more expensive than avoiding a problem:

It is so tempting to get that seemingly nice guy on board, without the background check. But, the ones that seem so nice and great, can be the con men. Doing your due diligence on the front end can help avoid a bad hire. Bad hires cost you money! They are a drain on productivity, they kill morale within your company, and they kill your company reputation. Sometimes a bad apple slips through, but following hiring protocol helps you avoid a costly mistake.

A bad resident costs more than a vacancy:

In property management, it is very tempting to rent to the guy who can move in tomorrow! Especially if the unit has been empty for a while. However, doing your due diligence will allow you to get the answer behind ‘Why does he want to move in tomorrow?’. Doing the proper screening on prospective residents helps you avoid problems like evictions, collections, and criminals. Getting rid of a bad tenant is time-consuming and costly. It’s not worth it if you can avoid it!

Don’t put your business at risk! At TruDiligence we help save you time and money by providing fast and accurate back ground checks to ensure that new hire, or resident is everything he or she seems. Contact us today for a quote!

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