When Due Diligence Screening Turns Up a Lie

Americans lie all the time. In fact, according to recent research from the University of Notre Dame, most of us lie about 11 times a week. While the study goes on to say that lying affects your mental and physical well-being, it also can have a negative impact on other aspects of your life, like your job.

Yet, candidates frequently lie about their employment history, career accomplishments, and reasons for leaving a job. In fact, according to the March 2012 blog at HR.com, 53% of all job applications contain incorrect information.


So what to do when your due diligence screening turns up a lie?


Make Sure to Conduct a Thorough Employment Process


When you look for new employees, be sure to put an all-out effort into your candidate screening process. Here are some tips:

  • Have multiple representatives interview each applicant and compare information for discrepancies, gaps, or inaccuracies
  • Make sure every applicant completes and signs a job application that clearly states giving false information is grounds for termination
  • Conduct a full background check by verifying employment with each previous employer and speaking with at least three job references
  • Conduct additional pre-employment checks, such as drug screening and criminal investigation, if warranted and allowed by law

Be sure to communicate your entire process to job candidates, so there will be no surprises.


Where Do You Stand on Resume Lies?

Sure it’s tempting to rush through the hiring process to get people on board quicker. And maybe there are lies of omission – short-term jobs not mentioned – or bits of information that are slightly embellished. These may slip through unnoticed.


However, don’t risk lowering your hiring standards. Take the time to find quality candidates who can do the job and do it with integrity.


Let us help you. True due diligence makes for better hires. We are a full background check and  investigative firm with 20 years of untarnished business experience.

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