Easy Ways to Manage Your Digital Identity

Easy Ways to Manage Your Digital Identity

Spending extra time at home has given us even more reasons to increase our screen time. However, do you feel like you have explored every possible page on the Internet? One topic you may have not thought to research is yourself and your digital identity. If you are not sure what it really means to have a digital identity, here are easy ways to research this important subject and effectively take control of your online presence.

Do a Search of Your Name 

Chances are you have taken the time to search for countless topics that interest you. When you want to find out important information or updates, the internet is a very valuable resource. Ask yourself, what could be more significant than your own reputation? You may not realize it, but the internet can offer a wealth of knowledge about you. Take the first step and start researching your digital identity so you know what kind of information has been published about you.

Check Your Financial Activity

Using your existing accounts, you can find a significant amount of information about your financial status and standing. Going a step further, it is helpful to become familiar with your credit score. This number can have a significant impact on many important financial decisions and outcomes in your life. Many sources offer free options for monitoring your credit score, and you can receive notifications if there is any new activity related to your finances.

Update User Profiles and Accounts

If you have a number of accounts that you no longer use, now is a great time to scrub them from the Internet. This simple process will help to make your online presence more streamlined. You will not have to worry about remembering passwords to outdated accounts. You might not realize that certain profiles can reveal a lot of information about you to the general world. Getting rid of unwanted accounts can let you take control of your digital identity.

Learn More About Researching Your Digital Identity

These tips will help you to quickly and easily research your digital identity and take control of your digital identity. You never know who will be interested in finding out more about you. Please contact us for more information on how we can assist you in cultivating a professional, secure reputation that will give you an edge in any situation.

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