education verification as a part of a background check

Importance of Education Verification in the Background Screening Process

When we think about background screening, some of us tend to think about a criminal background check. There is a lot more to the screening process than just criminal records. While an applicant may not be a felon, that does not mean that they do not have red flags. Something like a poor credit report can give any employer pause. Before hiring a candidate one red flag employers should look out for is résumé fraud. This is the act of willfully lying on a résumé. One of the most common forms of résumé fraud is lying about your education.


The job market can be extremely competitive, and candidates will look for any way to get a leg up on the competition. Many companies will put applications through a screening program before considering them. These programs employ specific algorithms that will filter out applications that do not have the necessary requirements. An applicant who may not have the required degree may come up with a plan to circumvent this. By embellishing our outright lying about their credentials they can bypass the algorithms. They may feel that a white lie is ok in this sense. If they impress in the interview the employers may be willing to give a pass on their faux pas.

Education Verification

Education verification is an essential step in the screening process. Employers should make sure they include several questions on the application regarding the candidate’s education. They should be required to include the name of the school, area of study, type of degree (Bachelor of Arts, MBA, etc.) and years attended. Indeed, this will provide the hiring manager with the necessary information. This information can be easily verified by the school records department.


Hiring someone who lied on their résumé can be a source of embarrassment for your business. Having to restart the hiring process over again can prove to be costly as well. Your company’s reputation will take a hit as customers will likely distrust you. Avoid this potential embarrassment by utilizing TruDiligence’s array of background screening services. In addition to the educational screening we also provide, employment screening, criminal records check and credit reports. TruDiligence will help you find that perfect candidate.

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