employment verification as a part of background checks in the interview

Education Verification Is Part of the Background Screening Process

The job searching process involves a variety of things, including completing a resume and submitting it. A resume is how a potential employer will get their first impression of a job candidate’s experiences, skills, and qualifications. Since today’s employment environment is so competitive, job seekers are using different types of techniques to sell themselves. Some job candidates get very creative when it comes to their resumes and applications.

Applicants are constantly searching for ways to compete with other job candidates who are also trying to get the same job you may want. Many job applicants even go as far as lying on their resume. So, how will an employer know if a job applicant has lied about their education or certifications on their resume?

Education Verification

One of the aspects of pre-employment background checks is education verification. Every aspect and component of an employment background check will help businesses and organizations obtain a better understanding of their candidates. The aspects of employment background checks will also provide the insight that will help them make a wise hiring decision.

Education verifications will confirm the type of degree, certificate, or honors that a candidate has received. The education verification will also confirm the date of completion. Screening companies use a database that has all legitimate educational institutions, but the database also includes a list of the well-known diploma mills. This database is able to help employers identify what educational institutions are legitimate and what institutions are diploma mills.

Candidate Will Be Informed

The job candidate must be notified by the company that a background check will be performed. The notice will also explain that the background check will be used for hiring, promotion, or retention. Employers will need to receive consent from the job candidate in order to run the complete background check.

Criminal Background Check

When many people think about background screening or background checks they will usually just think about a criminal background check. However, it is important that job seekers know that background screenings involve more than criminal background checks. It is also important that job seekers understand what information they will need to prepare for the background check because this will put them steps ahead of their competitors.


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