education verification is an important screening process when hiring

Education Verification to Eliminate People Who Lie/Exaggerate on Their Resumes

When you’re hiring someone, education is one of the main things you look for. In certain fields, education is more important while, in other fields, it is work experience.

Education in Highly Specialized Fields

In fields which are highly specialized, education is extremely important. For example, if you’re hiring a scientist, a professor, a doctor or a nurse, it’s extremely important to make sure they have the qualifications they say they have.

Education in Vocational Fields

Even in certain vocational fields such as hairdressing, beauty, plumbing, electrical etc., education is quite important. For example, if a person has not been properly trained in hair coloring, they could easily make a mistake which costs a client their hair.

Mistakes Made Due to Lack of Education

Frying someone’s hair is not as serious, perhaps, as giving someone the wrong medicine. But for the person who is experiencing it, it can be quite traumatic. And most women have had this kind of experience at one time or the other in their lives. We’ve all gotten bad haircuts or bad hair color and we’ve stopped going to that salon.

Importance of Education Verification

Now if you’re a salon owner, this is something you can easily rectify by making sure that the people you hire are properly trained. And education verification can help you to do that.

How People Lie/Exaggerate on their Resumes

Sometimes, people lie outright on their resumes. They may not have even a part of the qualification that they claim to have.

On the other hand, there are people who may not lie about their education completely but they might exaggerate it.

  • They may say that they have a Master’s degree when they only have a Bachelor’s.
  • That they finished a certain course when they actually had a semester left to go.
  • Claim to have received scholarships or awards that they didn’t.
  • Claim to have a higher GPA than they really did.

Making Your Decision After Education Verification

The above things can all be verified by doing a background check which includes education verification. If you find that the person has only slightly exaggerated their educational qualifications, you may still choose to hire them. But if they have grossly exaggerated their background, then it’s probably a good idea to eliminate them altogether.

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