Why Education Verification is an Important Part of Any Background Check


Whenever an organization or business is hiring a new employee, they are making a major investment and commitment. Due to the significance of each individual hire, organizations need to make sure they complete a thorough background check. One part of this check that needs to be taken seriously is education verification for several major reasons:

Education Verification Ensures Candidates Meet Basic Requirements

One of the main reasons why you should complete education verification on a new applicant is that you will be able to confirm that the applicant meets the basic requirements for the job. In most cases, you will want an applicant to have a certain level of a degree, various industry certifications, and other academic achievements. Education verification will be able to confirm that the applicant meets all of these guidelines.

An Education Check Verifies Understanding of Relevant Material

When completing education verification, you will also be able to confirm that the applicant has a strong understanding of the relevant material that they learned in school. In many cases, you will receive a copy of an applicant’s transcript, which will include grades of all courses they took. This will allow you to focus on the grades and scores that an applicant received in the most relevant courses.

Education Verification Confirms Integrity

It is estimated that up to 50% of people put inaccurate or embellished information on their resume! One of the most common items that someone will lie about is their educational background and achievements. If you are able to determine that someone lied about their degree, school, or education successes, it could be a red flag that they may not be the right person to join your organization.


If you are completing a background check on a new employee, you should contact us to learn more about the services that we can provide and how we can benefit your organization!

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