How Getting Education Verification Can Save You Money

How Getting Education Verification Can Save You Money

Let’s say you need to choose between two candidates: one with qualities you’re looking for, while the other made a great impression. Chances are you’re going to choose the person who claimed to have a degree. What if you did a background check with education verification first and found the first candidate lied? Then you’d obviously go with the other person because they made a great impression on you. In other words, you would make the right decision if you did a background check first.

Reasons Why People Skip Education Verification on Background Checks

The truth is that many people lie a little on their resumes, thinking that they won’t get caught. Many employers go by their gut feeling, without bothering to get a background check with education verification.

If you run a small business, you may be trying to save money, and spending money on background checks may not seem that important. But the truth is that there are jobs in which the person requires a certain amount of education to do the job well.

Not Doing Background Checks Costs You Money

If you skimp on the background check, you’re going to lose more money in the long run. Indeed, that person will not perform their job well even though you’re paying them a salary month after month. Additionally, you might end up losing your clients or making them unhappy because you hired someone who couldn’t do the job.

Trusting Your Gut + Background Check + Education Verification= Good Hire

It’s not that you shouldn’t trust your gut feeling when it comes to hiring someone. However, it’s always good to help your gut feeling along with the help of a background check. After all, you’re only human, so it’s possible that your perceptions are flawed. Plus, many candidates know how to make themselves look good on their resumes and in interviews, but they may not be able to perform the job well.

Learn More About Education Verification

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