Education Verification: The Final Candidate Assessment

Employment Verification: The Final Candidate Assessment

It’s impossible to verify all of a candidate’s capabilities during the interview process. You can miss something even when the process includes skill verification tests, phone screens, multiple interviews, and presentations. The final candidate needs to present themselves as qualified, and the hiring entity must assess.

Education Verification

After the interviews, select and offer the top candidate a job. Then, there is still a final review available to the employer via education verification. The importance of education verification should not be overlooked, rather it is the last act of due diligence before investing in a new employee.

The job posting typically follows a format that includes, the job summary, responsibilities, and requirements of the role. Interviews tend to focus on the candidate’s ability to perform based on past work accomplishments and experiences. The hiring manager has the opportunity to question all information provided on the resume, and through thorough questioning, insight can be obtained regarding the candidate’s knowledge gained through previous employment.

When reaching the final stage of the recruitment process, the education of the final candidate may have only been reviewed during the initial resume screening. Throughout the recruitment process, it has been assumed the presented educational achievements are accurate and honest. Unfortunately, what was listed on the resume and the application may not meet the required education. It could be due to carelessness or purposeful deception.

Learn More About the Final Candidate Assessment

More have considered the selected education requirement when constructing the job posting. While it may not get a lot of attention during interviews, it does at the last stage.

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