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Employee Background Checks: Here’s What You Need to Know

An employee HR background check is a review by an employer to ascertain an individual’s employment, criminal, financial, and commercial records. It is a means of obtaining information about a prospective hire from other sources, exclusive of the applicant, to decide whether a person is qualified for a position in a company.

Why It’s Important To Conduct a Background Check

Conducting an employee background check will enable your organization to achieve its goals. This is by:

Maximizing Productivity

A potential employee’s past performance is a key indicator of their future performance. It reveals an individual’s work ethic, professionalism, skills, productivity, and overall abilities. This is of paramount significance in deciding who to hire and who to reject during recruitment.

Verifying Employees’ Qualifications

It’s common for job seekers to exaggerate their resumes and credentials to get the highest possible remuneration. Some of the basic lies include but are not limited to:

  • Proficiency in skills they don’t possess
  • Having certification from a prestigious university
  • Earning more from their previous employer than they did
  • Working in a company for a longer duration than they did

Hiring an unsuitable candidate can be detrimental to a company in various ways and impact the business negatively across various levels.

Employee background checks help employers evaluate a candidate’s suitability by confirming the validity of their qualifications.

Ensuring Workplace Safety

Another reason to check a potential hire’s background is to ensure safety at the workplace. Safety here encapsulates all aspects ranging from sexual harassment and physical assault to negligent driving and so on.

A background check helps unearth a person’s personality and triggers, which can never be underestimated while recruiting; this is vital in protecting clients, employees, and visitors.

Simplify Your Employee Background Checks

For an organization to scale the heights of prosperity, it must recruit high-quality talent. In recent times the labor market has become aggressive, meaning employers are in stiff competition to recruit an elite workforce.

Therefore there is a need for the employer to be competitive in the hiring process. This is done through:

  • Building a strong brand image.
  • Having a competitive remuneration and benefits package.
  • Creating workplaces that align with job seekers’ needs.
  • Simplifying the application process.

At TruDiligence, we are FCRA-compliant and we leverage top-notch technology to enhance and simplify employment background checks. This gives employers a competitive advantage over their peers.

Our candidate self-entry portal allows employers to send candidates an invite via email to complete their background check process effortlessly online. Contact us today and learn more about the background checks we can provide for your company.

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