Employers Expected To Increase Post Hiring Due Diligence

Due diligence is commonly expected in the pre-hiring process. Though this process will continue, many are projecting that post-hiring due diligence will pick up. There are a number of reasons to expect this change.

How World Events Have Impacted Due Diligence

Esrcheck.com presents some of the important reasons why due diligence is changing in accordance with world events,

The exposure of government secrets by Edward Snowden and the Naval Yard shootings in Washington D.C. have put increased emphasis on post-hire insider threats. There are numerous types of post-hire insider threats ranging from embezzlement, fraud, and theft to child molesters and active shooters and everything in between.

These horrific events point to the fact that due diligence used at all stages of employment makes sense. Even though these are extreme examples, they point to the real threats that exist around every corner.

What Kind Of Due Diligence May Be Used?

While pre-employment due diligence will involve things such as a criminal background check, reference checks, and even credit history checks, post-employment due diligence is different. Mental health assessments are helpful in determining that employees do not pose a threat. Psychological testing may also be used to make sure that there is no one within an organization that is a threat.

Why Post Hire Due Diligence Matters Just As Much As Pre-Hire Due Diligence

Due diligence done after hiring is just as vital as the diligence done before hiring. A risk can crop up at any point. In some cases things may slip through the cracks in the pre-hiring process. Carrying on due diligence post-hiring means that some of those holes in the foundation get plugged up.

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