Employers Found Liable For Failure in Background Check Processes: The Consequences Facing One Assisted Living Center

There are many occupations in the United States which require employers to perform background checks. This is to ensure that the prospective employees do not have any criminal records or charges that may impede their ability to adequately perform the job, among other things.

However sometimes employers either fail to complete background checks or are found liable in their background check processes. They may not be following all the appropriate procedures. Employers found liable for failure in background check processes may face serious repercussions as a result.

San Antonio Express-News reported on December 15th about Tender Care of San Marcos and the fines and levies facing them as a result of failure to provide the employee background checks and fingerprints for their workers to the regulators.

Tender Care of San Marcos was fined $6,750 for the failure to provide this information. The administrator of this small family owned business, German Zamora Jr., stated that he regretted this oversight. This is just one example of a business facing problems due to failure to properly handle the background checks of their employees.

Every state has their own unique regulations in regards to the processing of employee background checks. It is best for businesses to try to learn their state’s regulations and meet the requirements to avoid facing fines such as this.

For some businesses the sum listed above might not seem like much, but for smaller businesses a fine such as this can be crippling. Particularly when the cause is an error that could easily be avoided. In some cases, businesses end up shutting down before they can even fully pay for the fines they were given.

Please contact us for more information about background checks and how to ensure compliance to state or federal standards.

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