Employment Background Check For New Hires: What Does The Prospect’s History Say?

employment background check

Finding good talent is rare, and sometimes a prospect’s history is overlooked to gain their reported skills. Not performing an employment background check for new hires can end up haunting you down the road, and even damage the company’s reputation.

Considering the candidate could cover up some aspects of their personal history is never a fun thought, but it is a reality in hiring. And it doesn’t have to be.

Here’s how a comprehensive background check system can scope the truth out regarding all prospective employees.

Finding True Employment History

When you work with a quality background check company, they’ll go beyond just finding general information.

They’ll work harder to dig deep into the prospect so you’ll know exactly which employers they worked for, and company opinion on the individual.

Comprehensive employment background checks can be accomplished by spending more time directly verifying tangibles. This includes:

  • Contacting past employers
  • Verifying information, such as education history or the candidate’s resume
  • Confirming the individual’s identity as it may have changed since their previous position

Giving You Faster Results

In a hurry to fill a role, it is important to review their past. Yet the vetting process may diminish under the constraint of time and necessity – an unfortunate situation. Typically, vetting on your own could take weeks if not even months. Additionally, many employment background screening companies work slowly, forcing the risk of hiring a poor candidate just to fill the role.

Employment background check companies worth using need to deploy state-of-the-art technology to conduct candidate job history searches. This includes integrated tracking platforms allowing you to monitor the entire vetting process.

Such integrations provide quick turnaround times, helping your organization avoid losing the candidate to a possible competitor.

International Searches as Well as National

Some candidates might come from overseas, or perhaps worked there temporarily. It can be hugely challenging searching employment background records in other countries on your own.

Be sure to look and see if your background check service does international background checks. The candidate under consideration could have a significant history belying what is mentioned on the application.

Quality, Trust Without Costing a Fortune

You can’t always find an employment background service offering comprehensive – potentially international – history searches without additional service fees.

With regulatory consulting, your business has a complete suite allowing the prospect’s history to be reviewed with minimal barriers. With the national NAPBS Accreditation and FCRA Certification, TruDiligence provides all of the above, and more.

Contact us to find out more about our background search services and our attention to pricing based on value.

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