Use Employment Verification to Avoid Being Scammed

Use Employment Verification to Avoid Being Scammed

When you’re hiring someone, it’s easy to simply take them at their word. After all, you really want to find someone who will do the job. So you tend to trust people. If they present themselves well, dress well, smile and talk well at their interview, you’re likely to believe that everything they’re saying is the truth.

Mistakes Made in Employment Verification

Sure, you might get someone in your office to call up that person’s references just to be sure. But it’s a fact that references can be faked. People can give you a friend’s phone number to call and that person can pretend to be their previous employer who gives them a glowing recommendation. And this can be done for as many jobs as needed.

Doing Employment Verification the Right Way

So it’s not just necessary to call up the person whose phone number you have been given. It’s also necessary to look up that company and make sure it exists. And then make sure that the person whose number you have been given works there or used to work there in the past.

And when you call, you need to have certain questions prepared, such as:

  • How long did this person work there?
  • What were their duties and responsibilities?
  • Were they working directly under the person you are speaking to?
  • If so, did they do a good job?

How People Lie About Work Experience on Resumes

Often, you’ll find that people fudge the dates they worked at a job. They’ll say that they worked at a certain job for longer than they really did because they don’t want to have gaps on their resume. Or they might claim to be an administrative manager rather than just an administrative assistant. They might add more duties and responsibilities to their job description so that they can come across as more experienced than they really are.

Why Get Professional Employment Verification?

So these are all things that you have to look out for when you hire someone. And if you can get employment verification before you hire someone, this will help you to be sure that someone is really as experienced as they claim to be.

Contact us for more great reasons why you should get employment verification before you hire someone for the job.

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