How Can Employment Verification Checks Save Your Business?



Job Applicants and False Resumes

A large number of job applicants provide false information on their job applications and their resumes. However, many job applicants who do not provide correct information on their applications and resumes still get hired for an open position. Why? How does that happen?

One of the main reasons job candidates receive a job despite providing false information is because many employers do not have the proper resources to complete full and thorough employment verification checks. Unfortunately, as a result, many companies will eventually make hiring decisions that can turn out to be quite costly.

There are various reasons why someone may falsify information on a resume or a job application. Many people want to hide long gaps of unemployment and/or hide a criminal history. For many, information is falsified in order to give themselves a greater advantage in the competitive job market.

Employment Verification Checks Save Your Business From Falsified Applications

Employment verification checks are such an important resource for every company. They are not something that should be discussed and dismissed. You have the responsibility to take care of your workplace, as well as getting rid of any risks that may harm your company.

Why should you start screening your job applicants as the applications start to roll into your office in 2018?

  • Nearly half of all job applications that have been submitted to you will have false information.
  • When you use employment verification checks, you will save your company a significant amount of time and money.
  • Without employment verification, you will not have access to as much information because many employers do not want to respond to reference requests.
  • You will ensure that you are maintaining compliance.
  • You will avoid making a costly hiring mistake.
  • You can avoid creating potential incidents of theft and violence by screening applicants.

With the improvement in the economy and the job industry, you will see an increase in the number of applications your company receives. When you conduct employment verifications, you will have an accurate and effective tool to help you maintain the reputation of your workplace.

Find the Right Background Screening Provider For the Job

When you make the decision to team up with a background screening provider, you will be able to find an applicant who will fit into the workplace environment you have established perfectly.

Are you ready to make better hiring decisions? Are you ready to make sure that your application process is as efficient as possible? Then contact TruDiligence today for more information! We’ll make sure the finding the right employee was never easier.

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