Employment Verification Is Still Needed: Do Not Cut Corners

Employment Verification Is Still Needed: Do Not Cut Corners

Lately, it’s easy to wonder why businesses bother using background screening and employment verification services. Wouldn’t the use of these services just be a waste of time, money, and resources? You can learn all you need to know about a prospective candidate through the application and an interview, right? Wrong.

These are only a few of the objections that many people have to use employment and education verification services. However, these types of verifications are still important and will remain important.

Everyone’s Resume Is Not Accurate

Unfortunately, listing false information on a resume is nothing new. We understand that some items on a resume can be left open to your own interpretation. However, what if a person who states he or she has a license in the nursing field doesn’t? Would you take the candidate’s word and offer a position without employment verification?

If you do make this mistake of hiring the individual without using a verification service, can you imagine the domino effect that can take place? If you hire someone not licensed, your risk your patients and your reputation. Surprisingly, many resumes contain false information.

We Are Still in the Middle of a Pandemic

2020 is a completely different year from 2019. How many people could have predicted where we would be in 2020? No one expected to experience a year like this. Many are unemployed in the middle of this pandemic. High employment rates mean that many people may do whatever it takes to obtain employment because the competition is fierce.

With so many prospective candidates wanting to have the edge over others, more job candidates list false information on their resumes and applications.

You Are Responsible for Employment Verification

While there is significant uncertainty, it is still important to remain compliant and vigilant when searching for employees. If you fail to take the necessary steps during your hiring search, you could significantly harm your reputation and your business. While it is easy for many people to choose the easy road, it is important to follow protocols and invest in background screening and verification screening services.

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