What an Employment Verification Reveals

employment verification

Filling that open position in your company may be tricky. However, before you hire an employee, you have to make sure that they have the necessary skills for the job. You also have to do a background check. The candidate may look qualified on paper but may have provided false information. Doing a background check will help you hire the right person. Here are things that the employment verification reveals.

Date of Employment

You will know the date of employment of the candidate. Candidates can falsify information about their date of employment just to get hired. Through the employment verification, you will be able to determine whether the candidate has the experience needed or not.

Salary Information

You will determine the exact amount the candidate was receiving in his previous employment. So, there will be no chances that they will lie to you. There are candidates who will quote a higher amount as their previous salary so that you can surpass that amount.

Reason for Leaving

Many candidates lie about their reason for leaving an organization. You will find out whether the candidate was terminated for doing something wrong. They may have stolen from their previous company. Thus, you will avoid hiring the wrong person.

Eligibility of Rehire

A candidate may indicate that they are eligible for rehire if they apply for their previous post. With the employment verification, you will know what the previous HR representatives say about the candidate’s previous job and eligibility for hire.

Performance for Details

It is important that you get the performance details from the references who have worked with the applicant. The references will provide professional references about the applicant. You only want to hire someone who will deliver as required.


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