Employment Verification Services: Here is Why They are Important

employment verification at job interview

As the need for background checks increase so do the compliance and laws surrounding them. The adherence to these changes can make a background check take longer than many employers may like and, as such, they decide to forego these verification services all together.

Often, this includes verifications such as employment and education verifications services. These type of verifications are known to take longer than most of the criminal searches as in many cases these searches rely on a third party to complete the verification verbally.

Some larger companies keep their employee records stored in a database to streamline the verification process but other companies still use their human resources team to respond to these requests.

In a time of quick turnaround, changing dynamics of employee expectations, here are the two most important reason should you always verify the employment history of a candidate in a skilled role.

To Verify Experience and Aptitude

You want to ensure that the candidate you are about to hire has the experience that they claim. Did they work at the company they claimed to work form? Was this candidate a temporary worker and did not do the job as long as it seems on his resume due to working more than one project. The employment verification would help you gather and act on this information.

In Verifying Honesty and Integrity


Verifying the employment history on a candidate’s resume is a way to verify their trustworthiness. You have the ability to verify and confirm the employment experience listed on the resume is accurate or if there are discrepancies you can determine why.

While someone may deeply want the role, opening the dialogue can not only help weed out liars from the hard-working.

These conversation allow you a closer look into the person you are considering. The discrepancy could simply be resultant of entering a date incorrectly. Did they provide a resume at the time of the interview?

You can consider employment verification services an additional tool in your HR toolkit to judge the applicant using multiple criteria.

Learn More About Employment Verification

There are two ways to verify employment. You can do this through a simple date verification or employment history with a reference. The verification can be quicker since it is just getting date verified not discussing job skills.

Employment references, on the other hand, is an area where you can ask about their job skills and reliability.

Whichever version you choose, contact us to help you create the perfect background screening package for your needs.

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