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Employee Background Checks and Pre-Employment Screening

TruDiligence Employment Screening

Your employees are a vital asset to your business. When you are ready to hire, make sure that everyone in your staff upholds the values of your company. Headquartered in Colorado, TruDiligence provides employment background search and employment screening services for clients worldwide to ensure they don't make hires they'll soon regret.

Background checks and employment screening services are the first steps to take before selecting a candidate to join your team. Making sure that all information provided on an application is true helps you make the best, fact-based decision, and just as importantly, it allows you to avoid making a cardinal mistake by hiring the wrong individual. When you have dozens or even hundreds of applications to go through, trust TruDiligence to do your due diligence for you, saving you time and aggravation.

The importance of conducting a good background check on all potential and current employees cannot be understated.

Let's take a look at few statistics that further emphasize that point:

  • 37% of applicants admit to falsifying application
  • The proliferation of diploma mills providing false credentials has been sharply on the rise
  • 16% of applicants have a criminal history
  • 30% of small business fail as a direct result of employee theft and employee dishonesty

Don't fall victim to lying applicants again. Instead, make sure that your workforce is dependable by contacting TruDiligence today.

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Let TruDiligence unlock your comprehensive screening potential

TruDiligence Employment Screening
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There is no need to switch vendors at this point. TruDiligence offers one free, no obligation basic background check to each client so that you may evaluate the service for yourself to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Not Just Due Diligence.......TruDiligence!

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