Everything You Should Know About Employment Verification

Everything You Should Know About Employment Verification

Before you hire a candidate with an illustrious resume, and who has blown all the interview questions, it’s important you take a look at the candidate’s prior employment history. This is necessary because cases of exaggerating or falsifying employment experience are common. Here is everything you need to know about employment verification.

What Is Employment Verification?

Employment verification is the process of validating a candidate’s employment history through a background check company or any other designated third party.

Employment Verification History Options

An employment verification typically checks a candidate’s previous employment dates, title, job duties and responsibilities, and salary history. However, questions on salary history are becoming fewer because local laws now discourage them.

Other employment history options include:

  • Previous working experience, especially for technical or senior positions: Verify up to 7 years for senior positions, and three for more junior posts.
  • Whether the candidate is no longer with the organization and their re-hiring eligibility
  • Addressing any gaps in the candidate’s employment history: Some candidates may falsify dates on their resumes to cover any unwanted gaps.

The Challenges

Employment verification shouldn’t be a problem for professional and experienced background check companies. However, no one can rule out certain challenges that may stand in the way of gathering enough information for verification.

Here are some  challenges of employment verification:

  • Legal constraints: Previous employers are under no legal obligation to suggest your new hire is a bad choice. They may also face potential litigation if they run the applicant’s job potential.
  • Previous employers went out of business: Most small employers cannot be reached when they go out of business.
  • Can be time-consuming: You may require lots of patience waiting for feedback from some previous employers.
  • Uncooperative candidates: Some candidates may withhold permission to get in touch with previous or current employers.


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