Finding a Trusted Background Screening Service

Background Screening Service during an interview

Finding the right candidate for a job can be an arduous task. A strong and dedicated worker can be a valuable addition to your organization. Choosing the wrong candidate can result in the company suffering a significant loss. HR managers do not have to play fortune teller, but there is available information that can help them make an informed decision.

Background Checks Are Necessary 

In preparation for evaluating a candidate, a thorough background check is a must. In the business world, reputation is everything. Companies work extremely hard, cultivating a sterling reputation without a hint of impropriety. For example, an athlete may have a sponsorship deal with a certain product. If that athlete were to be arrested, the company will most likely drop them as a spokesperson. Indeed, the association is enough to severely tarnish their brand. If a company has employees with large criminal histories, it can reflect badly on them. There is something to be said for those companies who are willing to give second chances. However, it is beneficial to have as much information as possible. Competitors can use any snippet of controversy to sway potential customers.

Use a Trusted Screening Service

Using a trusted background screening service is vital to your hiring success. You should make sure that the service you use has all available resources so that they can find any potential red flags. When choosing the right provider there is one very important question to ask. Do they have National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) accreditation? Further, NAPBS provides background screeners with all necessary tools to conduct comprehensive background reviews. They have over 800 companies that provide employment, tenant and volunteer screening. NAPBS adheres to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. All NAPBS screeners are regulated by the Federal Trade Commission and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, so companies can trust that the process is handled fairly and with the utmost sensitivity.

Learn More About Finding a Trusted Background Screening Service

TruDiligence will provide you with all your background screening needs. In fact, we have NAPBS accreditation. We will not only provide you with a criminal background check, but other important screening services as well. Driving records and credit reports are among the numerous services we provide. Hiring is a stressful enough process. Let TruDiligence help you find the right candidate.

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