Here Is Why PBSA Accreditation Is Important for Colleges and Universities

Here Is Why PBSA Accreditation Is Important for Colleges and Universities

Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA) accreditation is a process initiated by an institution for purposes of quality assurance to establish and confirm that the recognized and strict set of operational standards and services are met. The private and nongovernmental accrediting agencies were created to review education programs and institutions and assess accreditation. Further, the college accreditation agencies are external and are recognized and reviewed by such entities as the United States Department of Education. PBSA accreditation is not a must for colleges, but it is an important distinction you should make. That distinction will be helpful in avoiding doing degree programs that have opted out of accreditation.

What Are the Different Types of Accreditations?

Types of accreditations vary according to different educational programs or institutions. The following list shows the kinds of higher education institutions eligible for PBSA accreditation:

  • Private universities
  • Public universities
  • Nonprofit universities
  • Law schools
  • Distance learning institutions
  • Single-purpose institutions
  • Health professions education programs
  • Faith-based universities
  • Medical schools
  • For-profit universities
  • Lastly, private career training institutions

Generally, there are three types of PBSA accreditation agencies or organizations used for assessment, quality review, and assurance of education institutions. They include:

  • National Accreditation Organizations
  • Professional/Specialized Accrediting Organizations
  • Regional Accreditation Organizations

Is PBSA Accreditation Worth the Effort?

Yes. Accreditation is important because it creates and establishes a set of quality standards for all education programs or institutions. Additionally, it provides access to state and federal funding, creates and maintains the private sector’s confidence, and makes it easier to transfer credits. Further, accreditation ensures enough accountability of degree programs and schools, thus boosting public confidence and trust.

Final Thought

As an employer, it would be challenging to know the level of quality qualification if there wasn’t any accreditation. Furthermore, it would be hard to know that your educational and career future is in safe hands if quality assurance is not provided. TruDiligence is a full-service investigative and background check firm specializing in FCRA-compliant employment screening. We aim to promote public safety interests through the provision of accurate, fast, and comprehensive background checks, verification, and investigative screening services. Do not hesitate to contact us for a fruitful engagement.

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