Why You Should Hire a Background Screening Consultant

business hiring a background screening consultant

A background check is an important tool. It fills in the holes of an applicant’s history. It can either alert you to red flags before you continue the expensive process of onboarding or it can give you the peace of mind that comes with a logistical go-ahead. Depending on the nature of your industry or niche, it might even be a state or federally mandated requirement.

But at the end of the day, it’s still just a tool.

What’s really important is the process around the background check. You and the rest of the human resources department need to know when to request a background check, the extent to which the information can drive a hiring decision, and what to do with the documents when you’re done with them. If your current processes have been relatively unchanged over the past several years, then it’s time for an update. Here’s how a background screening consultant can help:

1. A Background Screening Consultant Knows the Laws 

A criminal history isn’t enough to automatically bar someone from renting a residence, at least not since 2016. Massachusett’s Gaming Commission had a long list of criminal offenses that automatically barred someone from finding employment at a casino, regardless of the position. Now, casinos can act on their own discretion for some positions.

These changes, whether they’re on the state or federal level, impact your hiring practices. An outdated operating procedure won’t just make your company lose out on talent or spend far too long filling empty positions – it could also result in fines and an investigation.

2. A Background Screening Consultant Knows the Tools

If your company uses Salesforce, you probably have a Salesforce administrator on staff. If your company uses Excel, there are a few experts in the office. While your office might not need a dedicated background check operator on hand, a consultant can help you make sure you’re getting the most out of your tools. They can train your department on the basic and advanced features, give you the tools to create fast procedures, and make sure you have a handle on PII compliance.

TruDiligence is the Background Screening Consultant Your Business Needs

We chose the name TruDiligence for a reason.  Our goal is to be your comprehensive applicant screening partner providing background checks, drug testing, compliance consulting and more all through a single, multi-faceted process. Contact us today to learn more.

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