IDE Class Action Lawsuit Shows Smaller Background Screening Providers May Do Better

A recent news story about a nurse who filed a class action lawsuit against Indianapolis-based IDE Management over a faulty background screening shows that hiring a smaller background check provider may be better for your business. The story may have had a different ending had there been greater accuracy and more responsive customer service.

Michele Petry from Booneville applied for a nursing position at IDE in March. She was called in for an interview, and told that she would receive an offer of employment if she passed the background screening. When the company subsequently told her that she would not be hired, she wanted to know why. That’s when Petry found out that the consumer reporting agency IDE used claimed she had multiple felonies including convictions for drug paraphernalia and theft. In reality, Petry has a clean criminal record.

Petry says she took legal action only after the company refused her request to see a copy of the report. Her class action lawsuit, now filed against IDE Management in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Indiana, Evansville Division, alleges that she was denied a job based on inaccurate results of a background check without having the opportunity to review and correct the errors, violating requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act. However the lawsuit turns out, a better process might have prevented the conflict.

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