Importance of background checks for employment purposes

Importance of Background Checks for Employment Purposes

Background checks for employment purposes typically review a person’s employment, commercial, criminal, and financial records. These checks are vital during the hiring process, and most employers use them as a quick form of pre-employment screening. To run a pre-employment background check, an employer will require; the candidate’s official name, date of birth, Social Security Number, current and past address, and most importantly, their consent to conduct the background check.

For a specialized position, you may conduct further screening on the applicant. You may screen information such as the applicant’s financial history, certifications, licenses, credit history, motor vehicle reports, medical history, and even social media presence.

Employers cannot run background checks on candidates based on their race, nationality, sex, religion, age, and disability. Additionally, employers are required to comply with specific regulations that ensure the process is fair.

Reasons for a Pre-Employment Background Screening

There are various compelling reasons for employers to conduct background checks:

  • Employers conduct background checks to avoid hiring someone with a sketchy background who may pose a threat in the workplace and be a liability to the employer.
  • Employers want the most qualified people with a clean history who will help grow the business.
  • It enhances honesty as applicants will be more forthcoming with their history.
  • It’s a measure to ensure transparency in the employment process.
  • To cut back on the number of applications. Applicants who have something to hide will likely withdraw their applications.
  • To enhance certainty in the hiring process.
  • Lastly, instinct alone will not cut it. When employers are satisfied with a candidate’s abilities during the interview process, they can conduct a background check to ensure their choice.

Learn More About Background Checks for Employment Purposes

Checking your applicant’s history will go a long way in predicting their future behavior. Conducting a thorough background check will help you make an informed decision during the hiring process.

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