The Importance of Pre-Employment Background Checks

The Importance of Pre-Employment Background checks

An organization is only as good as its employees, and yours is no different. You do yourself and your organization a big disservice by failing to conduct background checks. A pre-employment background check is a critical piece of the hiring process. You need to have accurate and complete information about certain aspects of your employees’ background, like criminal records, previous employment verification, education background, and the list goes on. This is in the interest of public safety and the overall wellbeing of your organization.

In this guide, we have attempted to answer one of the most frequently asked questions concerning employee background checks. Read on to find out.

Why Conduct Pre-Employment Background Checks?

To Ensure Safety in the Work Environment

Conducting pre-employment background checks goes a long way towards making the work environment safer. Background investigations on an employee’s criminal record can help reveal whether they pose a threat to fellow employees, or even if they are dishonest.

This check will help you mitigate risks by protecting your assets from losses because of employee theft, avoiding costly negligent hiring claims, and most importantly improving the quality of your hires.

To Determine Qualifications

It is due diligence for you to conduct background checks on your employees’ educational background and previous employment records. Not only will it help you verify the applicants’ qualifications for the position, but it will also allow you to build a team of trustworthy employees. In turn, this protects the company’s reputation by filtering out fraudsters. Then, you can focus on hiring the right talent. An educational background check also reveals if the applicant fits your company’s vision, mission, and goals.

To Comply With the Law

You aren’t mandated by any federal laws to do background checks on all your new hires. Imagine a scenario where you have brought in an unlicensed/unqualified employee because you failed to conduct background checks. Consider this a case of malpractice. Indeed, you face a serious lawsuit on your hands that will damage your company’s reputation. However, it should be noted that there are specific jobs like education, healthcare, and public transportation, among others, where you’re required to do a background check by the state laws.

Learn More About Pre-Employment Background Checks

Conducting a background check is an essential component of the hiring process. You want to hire the right talent to fit your organization. Visit TruDiligence today and we will be happy to offer you professional assistance.

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