Importance of Validation in the Pre Employment Screening Process

In this world, trust is something that can only go so far. There are people who will lie, cheat, or steal to try to get the things that they want. This is a big reason why validations are necessary. They are used to confirm all of the information that an applicant has provided in his or her application.

Criminal History

Most people think of criminal issues when they think of what they need to investigate in a potential employee. Indeed, looking into the criminal history of all applicants is indeed important. There are other factors that one will have to consider about all applicants before they agree to hire them. A criminal history of any kind can eliminate certain applicants from certain types of jobs immediately though. It should be the first thing investigated as it can be a quick eliminator of some applicants.

Educational Background

A large number of employers seem willing to accept whatever an applicant puts down as their level of education. They often do not seek to confirm that one really has any kind of degrees that they may claim to have. This is a mistake because some people are taking advantage of this and putting down education that they do not truly have. This can lead to under qualified people receiving jobs. That can be bad for the employer and even potentially dangerous depending on what kind of job is being sought after.


The references for any applicant can certainly reveal a lot about what that person is like. The references know the person in some capacity, and they can attest to what the person is like. These could be personal or business references, but either way they are worth taking a look at. There could be a lot of good information to dig up by just looking through these references.

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