Important Things to Know When Scouting a Background Check Provider

Important Things to Know When Scouting a Background Check Provider

Selecting a background check provider can be a stressful task. You want to make sure you are getting accurate information. You also want the information to be available in a timely manner. Having to wait can have a negative impact on the productivity of your business. Here are some tips when scouting to find the best background check provider for your needs.


Accuracy is the most important information you will get from a background check. There’s no point in doing a background check if you don’t attain the complete information. Additionally, the company should have NAPBS (National Association of Professional Background Screeners) accreditation. This accreditation is only given if the company has been independently audited that it conforms to the strict standards of the NAPBS. A company must demonstrate initial and ongoing compliance in order to be accredited as well. Background check companies must complete this accreditation every 5 years.


Another important thing to find out about the background check providers you are scouting is where the employees who will be executing the background checks are located. If the employees will not be in your country, it is important to ask about how they keep the data secure. This will alleviate any worry or future problems that could arise.

Cost and Time

Cost is always a factor in your business. You want the best deal that you can get, however, you also want to get quality. A bigger background check provider is not always the better choice. They may have a lower price, but there’s a good possibility that their quality is sub-par. Smaller companies tend to have better customer service and are easier to communicate with. Lastly, turn-around time is also a very important factor in choosing a background check provider. No one wants to wait for ages to find out if they can hire someone. It holds the hiring process up, and the company may lose a potentially great employee who doesn’t want to wait.

Find More Tips When Scouting a Background Check Provider

In conclusion, make sure that your background check providers are accredited with the NAPBS. Also, make sure that they keep their data secure and don’t charge an arm and a leg for their services. Lastly, ask how long their turn-around time is. TruDiligence is accredited by the NAPBS. Our goal is to offer the best overall value.

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