5 Important Things You Can Find Out Through Education Verification

Not every job candidate is going to have the same educational qualifications, but for some jobs, these qualifications are important. If you’re hiring someone on the understanding that they have an MBA or a Ph.D., then you want to be sure that they really do have those qualifications. But even in jobs which are not so high level, certain educational qualifications are required. For example, people generally look for an administrative assistant with a bachelor’s degree. So, they want to make sure that the candidate applying for the job really does have that qualification. And education verification can help you to make sure that they do.

What Is Covered Under Education Verification?

Education verification can help you to verify any details regarding a job candidate’s education.

  • Degree: Find out if the candidate has a certain degree which they claim to have.
  • College: Verify which college they got the degree from.
  • GPA: You can verify the candidate’s GPA.
  • Academic Honors: Through educational verification, you can find out if a candidate was in any honorary society such as Phi Beta Kappa or Phi Kappa Phi. If the candidate claims to be on the Dean’s list, you can find out if they are telling the truth.
  • Extracurricular Activities: If the candidate is fresh out of college, they might also mention other extracurricular activities that they did during college, especially if they think those are relevant to the position. For example, a person applying for a publishing job might say that they worked on the school newspaper. This is yet another thing that can be verified with the help of education verification.


Basically, a person’s education is an important factor to consider when you’re deciding whether to employ them or not. And in order to make the right decision, you have to be sure that you have all the correct information about their background. Education verification can help you to do this.

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