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Integrating Technological Systems for Ease of Use

Technology enables some businesses to thrive while burying others in systems that only a few departments use. When it comes to hiring, we firmly believe that reducing the total number of technological systems involved—also known as touchpoints—makes onboarding and screening easier. Both prospects and HR staff can cover more important topics faster and determine if the match is good with less time spent waiting on disparate databases to update and query each other.

Our systems at TruDiligence integrate with partner systems seamlessly. Listed below are a few areas where (and how) our systems can save you time and money:

Background Checks

Background checks are a vital part of understanding the individual you’re interfacing with. They allow you to see what they have done, where they have been, and more. These processes can be time-consuming and costly but should be simple and pull information into your applicant tracking system to ensure accurate employee review.

Applicant Tracking

Applicant tracking keeps all of your applicants’ completed actions logged with copies of any relevant documentation if needed. These extra information points can lower the time it takes to bring new employees into your business. Lower turn around on hiring may translate into more opportunities to find the best fits for a given job.

Credit Checking

Credit checks can help determine how likely your new tenant prospects are to pay their rent on time and in full but won’t give you the full situational perspective about what or why they will do things. Use this metric with care and in combination with others.

Tenant Screening

Tenant screening will allow you to see if your new hire or tenant has a history of successful, respectful housing rental. We use a proprietary blend of information to provide consistently relevant feedback.

Learn More About Implementing Technological Systems

If you’re seeking a way to combine your research needs into one place, feel free to reach out to us. Our information can help you make an educated and focused decision.

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