Interested in Integration? Our Background Check API can integrate to any platform or HRIS.

Tired of data entry? Buried in paper?

A background check integration through the TruDiligence API will streamline and automate your processes. An integration through our Background Check API will allow you to hook your management platform directly to our system. The ordering and processing of background check requests is then managed completely from within your system. Applicants enter their information into your system once and that information is passed seamlessly to us through the API. Our team will work with you to develop an automated solution that ties your management system to our background check infastructure.

Are you using a third party Applicant Tracking System or HRIS?

TruDiligence integrates with any Applicant Tracking or Applicant Management System that is compatible with XML standards for data transfer. We have completed integrations with some of the largest ATS providers on the market. These integrations provide ordering and management of your background check requests directly wtihin your software creating a single point of administration. Some of our current integrations:

customer service support software