professional tenants signing rental agreement with landlord

Integration of Background Checks: 3 Distinct Traits of Professional Tenants

Professional tenants tend not to respect tenancy agreements. Indeed, they have creative strategies that enable them to circumvent the rental agreement—leaving landlords with damaged premises and lost rental income.

Undoubtedly, it is paramount that real estate entrepreneurs avoid this type of tenants. Below are some of the maneuvers professional tenants use:

1) Incomplete Rent Payments

Professional tenants pay partial rent each month. Once the landlord has accepted partial payment, the tenant is protected from eviction by state laws which don’t permit eviction of a tenant who has paid partial rent.

2) Cash Payments

Cash payments are impossible to track, and hence they are the preferred mode of payment by a professional tenant. Moreover, a landlord who accepts such cash payments might not keep a proper file of traceable payments and non-payment. As such, records are crucial in a dispute involving a professional tenant.

3) Requesting Additional Time

Some tenants ask the landlord for additional time to pay their rent. Mostly these requests are accompanied by a heart-tugging story of the hardship encountered by the tenant. A landlord should not engage emotions when dealing with tenants. More so, because it’s not always possible to verify the authenticity of the tenant’s claims.

Often, even when a tenant may be going through difficulties, you can’t discount the fact that there could be other instigators to their financial woes such as bank loans, friends, and other lending institutions.

How Can You Evade Professional Tenants?

Screen all potential tenants before letting them your property. Below are some things you should carefully scrutinize in the screening process:

  • Ensure all tenants provide you with copies of their identification document
  • Confirm their employment status to establish their ability to pay
  • Screen their credit and eviction history
  • Check legitimacy by Contacting past landlords and any reference listed
  • Record the property conditions at the time of leasing


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