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Whether you are trying to screen a potential tenant or employee, it can be difficult to find reliable information online. Although many people immediately think about using search engines to find out about someone, it can lead to lots of dead ends. Not sure where to start your online search?  Here are several online search techniques that can help you find personal details about someone.

Tip #1: Look For The Person on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the few social media platforms where people register using their real name and other personal information. It’s much easier to create fake profile accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. LinkedIn is a popular website used by professionals who would like to network with others in their industry.

LinkedIn is a goldmine of data that reveals very personal information about a person’s current city, place of employment and educational background. Their profile also includes a photograph of the person and other details. If you need more information, you can purchase a premium LinkedIn membership. This gives you access to more enhanced data and analytics, which is invaluable if you are a recruiter or need to hire a large group of people.

Tip #2: Try the Boolean Search Method

Have you ever tried typing someone’s name in a search engine only to be overwhelmed with the extensive volume of results? One way to filter the results is to use the Boolean search method. For example, instead of simply typing the person’s name in the search engine, enclose the words in quotation marks so the search engine knows to only look for results with both of words grouped together. You can also add the and sign (+) in between each word to filter your online search.

Tip #3: Examine Government Websites

Another tip is to search government websites for personal records. Documents that are public record include court documents, census information, and newspaper articles. Try scouring government databases that are accessible to the public and cataloged or indexed online.

Hire a Professional Private Investigator

If this sounds too overwhelming, you should hire one of our private investigators. We have a highly trained staff of professional investigators who can dedicate themselves to finding out more information about someone. Please contact us today for more information.

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