What Can We Learn About Education Verification From “Suits”?

What Can We Learn About Education Verification from “Suits”?

It can be quite deleterious for your company if you hire someone with the wrong educational qualifications. You wouldn’t hire someone without an accounting degree to be your accountant; doing so could result in a lot of financial mistakes. Similarly, you wouldn’t hire someone without a psychology degree to be a guidance counselor, or they might end up giving a lot of students the wrong kind of advice. It’s necessary, in cases such as these, education verification can ensure that a candidate has the correct qualifications.

Does the Job Require a Specialized Skill Set?

In some cases, educational qualifications may not be that important, and employment history might be more important. But in specific jobs that require certain skills, it’s important to make sure that the person applying for the job has the right educational qualifications. Not only will this help your company to function smoothly on a day-to-day basis, but it will also make sure that you are not left open to any kind of legal action.

Education Verification on “Suits”

A great example of a situation in which educational verification was needed can be found in the TV show “Suits”. In this show, a man with a lot of knowledge of the law poses as a lawyer without ever earning a law degree. Apparently, his law firm never performs an education verification when they hire him. He works on a number of cases that lead to a promotion to partnership.

Consequences of Not Getting Education Verification

In “Suits”, Mike Ross, who is pretending to be a lawyer, leaves the law firm open to being sued on every case that he works on. The decision on every case he wins can be challenged in court because he’s not really a lawyer. He even ends up going to jail on charges of fraud, all because no one bothered with education verification.


Don’t leave your company open to charges of fraud; contact us and get education verification today.

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