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Limit Your HR Department’s Liability with SaaS Background Screening

Data security is one of the biggest concerns facing every company. Whether you work for a multi-billion dollar company or you have a small business, data leaks can hold your company liable. These include stolen information and misuse of your customer’s personal information. Even the personal information of your employees and contractors is your responsibility if you’re the one storing it.

Find out how SaaS background screening can protect your company and employees.

The Rise of Data Services

Third-party services are finding online success because of the focus on data and limiting liability. Instead of storing your customers’ credit card information yourself, you may have a third-party shopping cart and credit card widget that stores and handles the information. Instead of a physical, dedicated server in your office space, you might use part of a multi-tenant cloud. This is why it is critical to evaluate your SaaS screening provider as much as the SaaS itself.

Apply the same cautious procedures to your hiring and background screening processes so you don’t have to stress about security.

Background screening services have the unique tools to find and verify your applicants’ information. Furthermore, they can find potential contradictions in their given data. They also have a secure network to handle the searches. Additionally, secured storage space retains the information you need access to, and an encrypted portal that keeps hackers out.

Instead of defending against multiple points of entry (both virtual and physical), you limit your company’s liability to protecting against illicit access.

So How Can SaaS Background Screening Help Your Business? 

SaaS, or Software as a Service, means that any information in an online portal isn’t stored locally on your hardware unless you manually record it. This helps control duplication. Furthermore, with access controlled by user-specific logins, you can monitor who accesses the information and ensure internal compliance.

SaaS background screening portals streamline the vetting and acquirement of new business efforts, saves you time and resources, and limits the potential liability of someone getting unauthorized access to sensitive information business information.

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