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Driver's Privacy Protection Act
The DPPA regulates the use and disclosure of personal information contained within State Department of Motor Vehicle Records.

EEOC Guidance on the use of Criminal Records
This guide was published by the EEOC in 2012 and addresses their guidance to employers on the use of criminal records in the hiring process.

Fair Credit Reporting Act
The Fair Credit Reporting Act regulations all things with regard to background checks for employment and tenant screening purposes.

FTC Facts For Employers
Addresses what employers need to know about using Consumer Reports.

FTC Facts For Landlords
Addresses what landlords need to know about using Consumer Reports.

Limiting Your Liability
This comprehensive report is the only one of its' kind and discusses the background check industry at great length and includes an explanation of the pros and cons of each search type available.


Background Checks
This article addresses an increase in the number of companies doing background checks.

Background checks to begin at YMCA
Article published by The Toledo Blade.

Identity Theft
This article discusses some important information pertaining to Identity Theft and Identity Fraud.

Negligent Hiring
This is an excellent article that discusses in depth the "Negligent Hiring" concern for employers.

Woman sues county churches for negligent hiring of pastor
Article published by Oregon

Your Credit Score
This booklet provides an overview of the Credit Score and what it means.

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