Maintaining Compliance In The Pre-Hiring Process

Virtually all corporations have some kind of compliance code when it comes to the types of employees that it would like to hire. Hires must reach certain criteria to even be considered for the position, let alone hired. In order to remain within compliance of that policy, it is important to work on pre-hiring screenings.

Use The Tests Available To You

It is important to remember that there are tools created to help those who are involved in the pre-hiring process. Take a look at this quote from to get a better idea of what this means

There’s a range of pre-employment tests that can help you dig deeper into someone’s background and abilities before hiring. To stay on the right side of the law and help you secure the most qualified employees, only test for skills or traits that are directly related to the job and that are a necessity.

Indeed, as many tests as are needed should be used to screen out potentially unsuitable candidates.

Test For Personality

Believe it or not, personality is one of the things that potential employers are allowed to test for. Though most don’t test this at all and those that do typically do not use it as a deciding factor, it is important to amass as much information as possible. Allowing yourself to know the person you are considering hiring a little better is always a smart move.

Always Check The Rules

Check the rules in the individual state that you do any of the pre-screening tests. There are a variety of potential lawsuits waiting to happen if you are not diligent in checking the laws that govern your region in terms of pre-employment screening.

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