Do You Need To Make Changes To Your Background Checks Process?

Do You Need to Make Changes to Your Background Checks Process?

Are you an employer trying to navigate through the COVID-19 pandemic? If so, you have surely had to make adjustments to your hiring and background checks process. You may have had to make the transition from an on-premise approach to a virtual approach. We understand that many companies have made the decision not to make any hiring decisions during this time, but other companies have made the decision to hire. There are some industries that have continues to hire because they have essential positions that need to be filled.

Delayed Background Checks Process

Companies that need to hire people during this time are still conducting background checks for their hiring purposes. However, there may be delays during the process. It is important to find a background screening partner that will work diligently to ensure they meet all of your needs when it comes to background checks.

Since there have been so many changes to the employment landscape during this time, we encourage you to review your background screening and pre-employment hiring practices. There are key pieces of information you may want to add to your screening plans in the future.

What’s Included

What could you include in your future background screening and pre-employment hiring strategies? You can include the following:

  • When you screen employees and when they may go through the screening process again
  • What type of things will be checked during the process
  • How results from the background check or other screening policy will be used
  • The type of results on the background check that could result in someone not receiving a job offer

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It is important to have an understanding of the state, legal, and local laws regarding background checks and employment screenings before making any changes to your policies.

Due to the changes occurring regarding the pandemic, background checks and screenings will continue to be important. Even if your background checks may go through delays, conducting the background checks should continue to be a part of your hiring process. Contact TruDiligence today for information on our background checks process.

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