How to Make Informed Hiring Decisions at Your Company

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A background check is going to give you a lot of information about the candidate that you’re considering for employment. Some of the information might be relevant, and some might not be so relevant. It’s up to you, as the employer, to decide which of the things covered in a background check matter and which you are willing to overlook. Having the background check at your fingertips can enable you to make more informed hiring decisions at your company. We will cover some of the things in the background check that you might want to consider:

Driving Record

A background check will provide you with the candidate’s driving record. This means that it will tell you whether they are licensed to drive, what type of vehicle they are licensed to drive, and whether they’ve ever run afoul of traffic laws. Have they ever been in an accident? Do they have a history of accidents? Do they have a DUI or a DWI? These are all things that might be useful for you to know if the candidate’s job consists of a lot of driving.

You may not want to employ a driver who has been in several accidents or who has been convicted of drunk driving. On the other hand, if the candidate’s role doesn’t consist of driving, then this part of their background check may not be that relevant. All the same, you might have some informed hiring decisions with a history of drunk driving, even if they don’t have to drive for the job.

Drug Screening

Often, a background check involves a drug screening as well. This will tell you whether the candidate is under the influence of amphetamines, cannabis, cocaine, PCP, and opiates. You can also get an extended screening which will tell you about the presence of other drugs in the candidate’s system.

For most jobs, you’ll find that a person’s efficiency decreases if they are taking drugs. Certain drugs can make a person unpredictable, irritable, and violent. On the other hand, some drugs may not have drastic effects and are being legalized, such as cannabis. So you can think about which drug shows up on the candidate’s panel and make your decision accordingly. You’ll also need to consider your company’s policy about drugs when you make your decision.

Credit History

A person’s credit history may also be part of their background check. This will tell you their credit-to-debit ratio. It will also tell you if that person has any tax liens or has ever filed for bankruptcy. Do they have any accounts that are in collections? This kind of information can help you understand how well that person handles money. And if the job that you’re hiring them for involves handling money, then credit history might be an important thing to consider.

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