Making the Pre-employment Hiring Process Easier for Candidates

When most employers think about the pre-employment hiring process, they think about it from their viewpoint. Never mind what job candidates – future employees – have to go through to get hired.

In the 2010 “Trends in Employment Background Screening” researchers found that of the over 600 participants who participated, 96% agreed that candidates accepted the need for background checks. In fact, the researchers felt that these common themes emerged:

  • Most candidates accept background checks as standard practice.
  • Credit checks were the area of most concern.
  • Some candidates are surprised when the organization actually follows through and completes the background check.

Clearly, this process is as difficult for job seekers as it is for employers. So how can you make the process easier for candidates?

  • Transparency. Candidates feel vulnerable. Reassure and educate them about your pre-employment hiring process. Advise them what it involves, the types of background checks you conduct, and how you handle any adverse information you receive. Finally, encourage honesty on their part. Allow them the chance to explain any discrepancies or unflattering information before you determine whether or not to make a job offer.
  • Compliance. Ensure you follow all federal and state laws related to pre-employment investigations. Understand the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) guidelines when it comes to credit checks. Comply with adverse job action requirements when you choose to deny employment. According to the post, “Have background checks for job candidates gone too far?” seven states limit the use of credit checks – California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Oregon and Washington.
  • Outsource. One of the best ways to ensure compliance is to use a reputable full service background check and investigative firm, such as TruDiligence. This way you ensure your screenings are compliant.

It’s important to protect your workplace, employees, and the public. Screening candidates for employment can help. And so can we. Contact us for assistance with fast, accurate, comprehensive background checks, investigative screening, and verification services.

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