Michigan Animal Shelters May Soon Use Criminal Background Checks

A recent news story out of Michigan indicates that a package of proposed bills has the state Senate discussing the benefits behind requiring animal shelters to do criminal background checks on anyone who wants to adopt a pet. The purpose is to ensure the adopters don’t have any convictions for animal abuse.

Just like children, pets are defenseless when it comes to predators. Putting into place safeguards that protect them from those that might abuse them is an important first step. The proposal known as “Logan’s Law,” named after a dog that died from an attack by acid, has a number of supporters and detractors.


Initially, one of the bills established an animal abuse offender registry that would require animal shelters to conduct a search prior to approving an adoption. Thought to be “too cumbersome and costly” to manage, the idea is being reworked. Instead, a suggestion to require criminal background checks through the State’s online criminal records system is under consideration.

Business and property owners across the country have long relied on background checks to determine the suitability of employees and tenants. Finding a quality screening service means choosing a company that is trustworthy, reliable, and effective.

Whatever the outcome in Michigan, criminal background checks are a useful tool for employment, tenant, and perhaps in the future, even pet adoption screening.


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