Mistakes to Avoid During Workplace Investigations

Mistakes to Avoid During Workplace Investigations

A workplace is a sensitive place, and the environment needs to be conducive and friendly for all. Sometimes complaints and legal claims may come about from either party. For this reason, it is vital to get to a successful resolution. However, before getting to a conclusion, it is essential to undertake workplace investigations. In this article, we look at some common mistakes to avoid.

Inviting the Wrong Person to Carry Out Workplace Investigations

Most organizations scout for investigators who do not have the interest of the case at heart. It is easy to point out the wrong person to carry out an investigation. They often do not have sufficient time to investigate the matter; they are not impartial or lack adequate experience. The right investigator should not be related to any of the parties and should be completely neutral. The investigator should also not have any vested interests in the outcome of the investigation.

Following Poor Documentation Procedures

With workplace investigations, proper documentation is vital. That is important just in case the results in litigation. Some essential documents that need to be present in an investigation file include the very first complaint, the response of the accused party, evidence, policy details, meeting details, and any other related documents.

Not Following the Process

Sometimes time may not be on your side as an investigator, and the need for a resolution may be pressing hard. During such times it is often easy to skip some essential investigation steps to complete the whole process.  As an investigator, always remember that fairness should be the number one rule all the time. Plan the investigation properly ahead of time and be thorough during the process.

Exposing the Evidence

Information surrounding the evidence should be preserved at all times. The complaint should never be allowed to access to the evidence regarding the complainant’s case.

Here Are More Mistakes to Avoid During Workplace Investigations

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