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With extended unemployment benefits set to expire in January for millions of laid-off workers, the need for a short-term source of income is more critical to many families this year.

The holiday season, while straining the budgets of those without jobs, also extends a ray of hope to people who have been searching for employment for several months. Nearly seven million individuals are currently claiming jobless benefits. An $8-$9 an hour position in retail that might have seemed inconceivable to a seasoned professional five years ago might now be seen as an opportunity to get cash flowing into the household again.

A Colorado company called MyTruSeal equips job-seekers with the key to unlock a position that could lead to contentment – and advancement. MyTruSeal utilizes a concept that shows off a job applicant as a go-getter by providing them with documentation that gives a glimpse into their past.

MyTruSeal, a self-background screening company, digs deep into public records to clear criminal history, driving records and validate identities, among other functions. All of this happens in advance of the job interview, and could preclude the need for the hiring manager to spend money on the same background trace. It displays an applicant’s initiative and a willingness to skip formalities and get to the real questions, like ‘does this person have the assets we need?

A background check might not be needed for a job in retail, but it could provide an upper-leg to the out-of-work individuals who continue to keep their ear to the ground and their resume in the mix for something greater.

MyTruSeal’s pre-emptive screenings, in fact, come with a seal of approval that attaches to an electronic resume and serves a link that provides instant verification of the completed background check.

Investing a few dollars into your future could be the decision that leads to greener pastures.

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